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Customer Comments

“I just received the plaques for Cheyenne Trap Club and they
look great”  -Bill T, Cheyenne Trap Club

“I really appreciate the work you did and the time you were able
to get it done in. They look great!”  -Amy G,  Prairie View High

“WOW!!!!  Great work, my Friends!  I am very impressed…Saying
I was impressed doesn't do the plaques justice.  I am happy
with the economy and 100% satisfied with the quality.  These
are excellent and exactly what I wanted.  Expect future orders
from me for not only the HOF but also for my private business.”  
-Alex R, CSTA Hall of Fame Committee

“Everyone liked the trophies that we got from you last spring.”   
-Scott C,  Naperville Sportsman’s Club

“So far everyone has been very pleased with the trophies...
Thanks for everything.”  -Bev H, Magna Gun Club

“I got them this morning and they look great”  -Kerri M,
Colorado Hospital Association

“The trophies arrived on Saturday and they look great.  Thanks
very much.”  -Scott C, Naperville Sportsman’s Club

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   THEY LOOK
GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  They were
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly, people love them.” -Matt
Nylund, Prairie View High School

“I received the Plaque yesterday and thought I would let you
know I am Very Pleased with it.  Thank you , it looks great."          
-Keith B, Norris High School

"Seems that once I saw the quality of work I can't get enough!...
Thanks again.  Were it not for your great prices I really couldn't
afford it…Thanks for your quality and excellent service.  
Everything is really appreciated.”  -Alex R,  Louisville Police

“You are doing a great job for the Iowa State Shoot trophies.  I
can't thank you enough.  You have made this awful job for me
bearable.  Thank you so very much… I am so excited to get my
order.  Thank you so very much for all you have done to help
me with these trophies....and it looks like all the trophies are
going to come so organized I won't have anything to do until
the shoot starts.  Thanks again Kim.  It was a pleasure working
with you.”  Deb K Iowa State Shoot

“Yes, the packages were delivered.  I opened two boxes and
looked at the trophies and love what I saw… Again, thank you
for all your assistance with these trophies.  I talked to your
father a day last week and I expressed to him how happy I was
with the assistance you gave the Iowa State Shoot.”  -Deb K,
Iowa State Shoot

“The trophies that you made for our Spring League went over
great”  -Bill T, Cheyenne Trap Club

“Kim, they got here and they are beautiful. Nice job. I'll be sure
to spread the word.  I'm looking forward to doing some more
business with your company.  Thanks ”-Jim W, Minneapolis
Gun Club

“Got the trophies on Tuesday, everyone thought they were very
nice.”  Scott C Naperville Sportsman’s Club
“I got the awards yesterday and they look amazing!”  -Rachel J,
Prairie View High School

“Thanks so much for getting those done so fast.”  -Wendy S,
Norris High School

“No wonder folks use you guys for awards!!!!!  As my dad
would say, “you guys really know your onions!!”  -Randy M,  
Sidney Shooting Park

“The trophies were a big hit last night, everyone thought they
were the best trophies we’ve had for any of our events.  My only
problem now is that I think I’ve set some pretty high
expectations!”  -Scott C, Naperville Sportsman’s Club

“Thank you so much for the great customer service”  -Sonja V

"I just wanted to let you know that Ron & I are very pleased with
the trophies.  They arrived in 2 or 3 days and they are perfect.  
You are such a joy to work with and we thank you for
everything.  You made it really easy.  I can't wait to see the look
on the recipients faces when we hand them out. " -Nancy P
Happy Recipients
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